Why eGjoba.al  is the solution for you?

eGjoba fits every car that possesses a vehicle, providing information with a click on the fines of your vehicle without sending the car to the locking point.

How did the idea for the fine begin?

In today’s times, due to the different factors, the number of fines is increasing, this is undoubtedly cost-effective, but sometimes the loss of time and the many delays cost even higher.

Suppose we are in front of such a situation where some vans depart for a certain destination and a certain time. To reach the goods in time obviously the obstacles must be avoided. To help this situation was created, the eGjoba application. The drivers with one click can avoid sending the machine to the locking point for verification.

  • eGjoben gets anywhere on any mobile device. Designed as the best choice for drivers, as informs in real time for all penalties car by one click.
  • Online/Offline. Work uninterrupted even when you have no connection. eFatura  saves all the data locally and synchronizes them back to the database when you are reconnected.
  • Checks the fines. Allows you to check all the fines of your car with one click, without having to send your car to the jam point.
  • No need for training after the initial implementation phase.  eGjoba is designed to be easy to use for everyone who uses it.
  • Applicable in every office environment and for outdoor usage.

With eGjoba you can:

  • Get informed about your car fines: Keeps your data, dates and fines unpaid.
  • Avoid obstacles in transportation: If you are in front of a situation where you need to be at a certain time in your destination and your car is fined, you can skimp on the blocking point with the eGjoba app.
  • Avoid interest payments: Benefit from paying the fine on time.
  • Benefits Discounts: If you have more than 5 cars, checking for the first 5 cars is free.
  • Facilitates employee work: The eGjoba application serves to maintain the data of each client’s car, thus reducing the stress of employees.

eGjoba in your desktop or mobile