Check fines with one click from your mobile or computer without sending the car to the locking point.

eGjoba enables you to transport your goods to your destination without going to the locking point because of car fines. enables you

Check  fines online without it being necessary that your car is presented at the point of blockage, it saves time and avoids any interest penalties.

Reduce employee stress during fines verification work.

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Checking for the first 5 cars is free. If you have more than 5 cars, the charges for each car are 2.4 euros a year.

Provides unobstructed transport

It enables you to transport the goods to the destination without going into the locking point because of car fines.

Professional Program

Avoid any miscalculation while filling out invoices and impress your customers with faster service and accuracy.

Check your fines with one click

Allows you to check all fines of your car with a click.

Save Time & Money

Take advantage of the discount by paying the fine on time, in this way you avoid interest.

Reduce employee stress

Reduces the stress of employees during the work for verification of the fines.